Welcome to Tangential Orbits. We are excited to announce that we have launched Galaxy Punch, our first game ever!

Galaxy Punch is an arcade-action slug-fest featuring celestial characters of our galaxy.

Test your reflexes and tenacity as you take control of the earth and defend the galaxy from evil space dust!

Features innovative dual-thumb punching and blocking control system coupled with gyroscopic dodging and weaving, allowing players to defend against brutal attacks or go on the offensive and unleash furious punches.

Available now on the App Store and Play Store!


SF Playcrafting Spring Expo 2018

April 27, 2018

We had a blast showing Galaxy Punch at the Spring Play Expo in San Francisco!

We met a lot of cool developers and got some really good feedback.

We also found a bug!

But this young galaxy puncher really warmed our hearts!



Tangential Orbits is a game studio created by artist and software engineer, Teck Kuoch (@avocadoeldorado), the goal of which is to bring together his passions of art & design with technology to create unique and innovative gaming experiences.